Latinas: from the Block to the Boardroom is a podcast based on the idea that wisdom comes from everywhere. The podcast is intentionally conversational as its goal is to encourage the sharing of this wisdom through intergenerational community conversations. 


Founder and Host Theresa Gonzales-Lobaco is a seasoned 20-year tech veteran who worked her way up the corporate ladder within Silicon Valley from humble beginnings in Fresno, CA. After learning that there is no pipeline issue to get people of color into tech, only a color/gender barrier to hiring, she decided to start a podcast, Latinas: From the Block to the Boardroom. Theresa has witnessed and experienced how technology is systematically changing our communities economically downward by excluding science, math, engineering and technology (STEM programs) out of education within communities of color. 

She started these podcasts to help those who want to be the force of change for the next generation. Now is our time to change the narrative, build our legacy and to influence technology with our social existence. The time for the tech industry, education and entrepreneurial start-ups are about to change, with people of color at the helm.

Currently, Theresa serves on the non-profit boards of Girls Inc. of the Island City and Calculus Roundtable, here in the Bay Area and has her own consulting business: 5-E Leadership & Marketing, LLC.