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Podcasting 2.0 during Covid-19

It's our 2 year anniversary and I'm grateful to be alive. Well, it's been a little over 2 years now, and Covid-19 puts a lot of things into perspective when trying to run a podcast and a business. If anything, it cemented what I already knew, but it needed to be said, LOUDER. I had this burning idea to start a podcast and offer tech business services to help create and grow small businesses. Yes, start the podcast first instead of the other way around. Why? First, I wanted to get some things off my chest about the racial bias in the tech industry, the me too movement and how Latinas are paid and viewed through our society. Latinas From The Block To The Boardroom podcasts, are a purge of things that are often not said, or seen, in the arenas that matter: Community Business,Technology, Education, Health and Leadership. These are the core industries that I understood while working in big tech. I saw the value and purchasing power of all our communities reflected in communication and business channels through that one BIG industry that changes wealth disparity and builds industries: Technology! Yet, we are not represented in technology leadership, product teams, or marketing! We are less than 2% within technology organizations, and that’s if corporations want to show their DEI numbers. I’ve been there in tech and now, I’m here to help build pathways, partnerships and to seed the ideation to hopefully motivate our change. Our communities are powerful change makers, innovators and leaders. I’m always looking for the next trend, the next opportunity for our businesses to thrive, our communities to lead, to build wealth and to strive for better opportunities for future generations. I wanted to create this podcast, this platform, for those voices and allies in our communities: The change makers, game changers, the innovators AND disruptors. Those are the folks building new businesses, changing the way organizations are managed or led, innovating new ideas and building new platforms to break up the status quo, with access to technology or building new technology. To me, that is the future of business, education, healthy communities and entrepreneur leadership and I want to help them get there.


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